The First Workout

Why am I hosting a workout for people beating addiction?

After I posted about my recovery from gambling addiction, lots of people with similar experiences reached out.

This accelerated my desire to host a workout for people who have experienced addiction.

Millions of people go to 12 step meetings in their recovery. Including me. They are support groups guided by a pre-defined structure & ideology. It’s heartening to meet other people going through something similar.

A workout aims to be a less formal set up with more endorphins.

So I’ve got a Zoom pro account, & have hired a motivational fitness influencer to run a class. Its on Thursday at 18:30. Anyone who wants to be a part of it can book for free at

But this looks cool? Yes I want to make beating addictions aspirational. Billions are spent on encouraging them.

Charities for addiction exist? They do, & this is not a treatment or urgent care, it’s for people looking for a shared experience.

Is this your place? A key aim of a social enterprise brand is to help society, not just post empty slogans. Money isn’t the key driver on this, it’s creating connection & removing stigma.

I know this would have helped me & still will. So after a lot of consideration, I’m looking forward to it!