Reflections on the First Workout

So how did the first beating gambling addiction workout go?

I feel very vulnerable writing this, as I did in the lead up to the session.

But it went well.

6 of us who had mostly been affected by gambling addiction. Having an intimate chat about our experiences & futures.

With a 45 minute bodyweight workout from a PT who cares about the cause!

Positive, active, energizing.

I think there's an opportunity to create a supplement to the 12 step recovery groups that millions of people go to across the world.

I went, & still go to some Gamblers Anonymous meetings. But while I enjoy sharing experiences with others, I find the ideology can be a bit negative & the format a bit boring. It feels like sacrilege to say, as they helped me, but that's how I feel.

So, with the support of the guys who joined, I'm planning another Now We Win sesh. Even though I'm 6 years clear, I also found value it!

& I'm giving careful consideration to next steps.

This doesn't define me, like it shouldn't define anyone who has had an addiction. I'm obviously still the same person before I spoke about it! But it feels like a good use of my time atm. So, while juggling a few consultancy leads this week, I'm cracking on!